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Sep 24, 2014 Proposed listing of the Percula clownfish (Amphiprion percula) under the U.S. Endangered Species Act: What it means, and what aquarists need to know (Part 1)
Sep 03, 2014 A Look at a Successful 125 Gallon Mixed-Reef Aquarium
Aug 20, 2014 Product Review: Products for 'Rapid Cycling' of Marine Aquaria: Brightwell Aquatics' MicroBacter7 and Continuum Aquatics' BacterGen.M
Aug 06, 2014 Toledo Zoo Fish Health Q&A: Gas Bubble Disease
Jan 20, 2014 The Ultimate Reef Tank Lighting Series with Mike Paletta and AmericanReef - Part I [video]
May 03, 2013 Part III of the Paletta LED Experimental Saltwater Reef Tank - with Mike Paletta and Sanjay Joshi
Sep 06, 2012 Mike Paletta on Starting a Reef Tank - The LED Experiment - Part I
Mar 16, 2012 Mike Paletta's 300 Gallon Mixed Reef Aquarium - Part I
Aug 24, 2011 Product Review: Inexpensive Analytical Devices: Hanna Instruments' Checkers: Alkalinity and Phosphate
Aug 10, 2011 Feature Article: LED Lighting Tests: Ecoray, Reef Fanatic, and MaxSpect
Aug 03, 2011 Aquarium Equipment: The Internet Accessible Aquarium for the Budget Conscious Aquarist
Jun 15, 2011 Product Review: Two Little Fishies' Media Reactor 150 and PhosBan Phosphate and Silica Adsorption Media
Jul 07, 2011 Aquarium Fish: In Praise of the 'Beauty'
Jun 08, 2011 Aquarium Invertebrates: A Look at the Sponges
Jun 01, 2011 Aquarium Invertebrates: Hermit Crabs
May 25, 2011 Feature Aquarium: The Aquarium of Craig Bagby
Mar 15, 2011 Aquarium Invertebrates: On Lighting for Tridacnid Clams
Mar 02, 2011 Feature Article: Bacterial Counts in Reef Aquarium Water: Baseline Values and Modulation by Carbon Dosing, Protein Skimming, and Granular Activated Carbon Filtration
Mar 02, 2011 Feature Aquarium: The 240 Gallon Reef Aquarium of Joe Peck
Feb 04, 2011 Advertise with Advanced Aquarist
Apr 14, 2002 Photo Gallery Spotlight: Banded Serpent Star
Apr 14, 2002 Editorial: April 2002
Aug 14, 2009 AmericanReef Video Podcast: Coral Reproduction Part I - Sexual vs Asexual
May 14, 2009 Video: Meet the Humboldt Squid (Dosidicus gigas)
Oct 13, 2009 Bookstore

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