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By admin - Posted Oct 26, 2009 09:10 PM

Watch 4K reef videos, help fund reef research

Research doesn't come cheap. In an effort to fund his research, Dr. Tim Wijgerde (a regular Advanced Aquarist contributor) is publishing ultra HD videos showcasing reef life. By simply watching (and sharing) these videos, you support reef research.

Meet the Bulbonaricus pipefish!

Meet the Bulbonaricus pipefish!

For anyone who knows Galaxea corals, look at the polyps for the scale of this fish. It's TINY!

Here is a fish we bet you've never seen in real life. Ned DeLoach of photographed this tiny pipefish (size of a toothpick!) weaving its way in between coralites of a Galaxea coral. Oh, and blennywatcher has a shiny, new, awesome website you should check out!

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A beautiful mess

Contrary to minimalist Iwagumi aquascapes or the lush, manicured Dutch aquascapes, jungle and nature aquascapes - like this tank - may not look as prim and proper. And that's precisely the point.

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Nine new goby species and four new genera

Thanks to advances in submersible technology, recent exploration of mesophotic (AKA twilight zone) Caribbean reefs have yielded nine new deep-water goby species and a reclassification of the Nes subgroup of gobies.

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Drunk men suspected of killing rare fish. $15K reward offered.

Three men may have killed one of the world's rarest fish, the Devil’s Hole Pupfish. This fish exists in no place else except Devil's Hole, a secluded hot springs in Death Valley National Park, NV. The National Parks Service has increased the reward to $15,000 for information leading to these men's arrest and conviction.

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Blue ram cichlid 6 feet aquascape

Blue rams pack a lot of personality and color into their diminutive form. When you add a few dozen into a big, elegant 6 feet (2 meter) aquascape, the result is this pretty darn impressive exhibit.

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Incredible swimming pond!

Incredible swimming pond!

My dream backyard would have something like this.

Why build a conventional swimming pool when you can build an awesome swimming pond, complete with live plants and fish to accompany you while you dip your toes or go for a few laps?

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Help the victims of the Alberta fire

I recognize Advanced Aquarist is a hobbyist website, but that doesn't mean AA can't also be a platform to help our fellow man. The fires in Alberta, Canada, have devastated thousands of families. When I saw this video of an Alberta reefkeeper's house go up in smoke within seconds, it hit close to home.

The video shows how frighteningly sudden and fast the fire advances.  James O'Reilly and his family were able to safely escape before their house was engulfed by flames.  Tragically, his home, including his two clownfish, were lost in the blaze.

Advanced Aquarist encourages all our readers to donate to the Canadian Red Cross.  Any amount of money will help people like James O'Reilly whose lives have been completely upended in a blink of an eye.  To date, over 100,000 people have been displaced by the Alberta fires, with at least 1,600 homes and buildings lost.

Deepwater Aquatics announces BLDC3 pump

The BLDC3 is Deepwater Aquatic's newest DC brushless, variable-speed water pump. What separates it from most other pumps on the market today is its spherical rotor (vs conventional shaft rotors). The BLDC3 is rated for 3000lph (792gph) with a max head of 3 meters (9.8 feet).

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CAS invests $8.5 mil for reef research and restoration

The California Academy of Sciences is investing big time in coral reefs. Along with their successful Philippine scientific expeditions and a new coral reef exhibit set to open this July, CAS has pledged an initial investment of $8.5 million towards a initiative to study and conserve coral reefs. Also, Dr. Pim Bongaerts is joining their team!

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Three new killifishes add even more color to the tropical fish world

Aphyosemion bitteri, Anablepsoides hoetmeri, and Melanorivulus polychromus are the newest described rivulid species. All three are spectacular little gems.

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Deep sea cnidarians are outrageously weird and beautiful

You think your corals are exotic and beautiful? Take a look at this rare footage taken by NOAA's exploration vessel, Okeanos, of an amazing Crossota sp hydromedusae, a type of animal related to corals and jellyfish. Otherworldly, isn't it?

This stunningly beautiful jellyfish was seen during Dive 4 of the 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas expedition on April 24, 2016, while exploring Enigma Seamount at a depth of ~3,700 meters.

Scientists identified this hydromedusa as belonging to the genus Crossota. Note the two sets of tentacles — short and long. At the beginning of the video, you'll see that the long tentacles are even and extended outward and the bell is motionless. This suggests an ambush predation mode. Within the bell, the radial canals in red are connecting points for what looks like the gonads in bright yellow.

Video courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas.

Don't you just love LFS who know (and love) the hobby?

Nothing says a LFS knows the hobby they serve quite like a beautiful in-store show-tank. Aquaristic Arncliffe, a Sydney (Australia) LFS, has multiple show-tanks that should inspire faith in their expertise.

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Aussie Navy called in to "defuse" sea urchins

Aussie Navy called in to "defuse" sea urchins

Potato-quality pic of one of the urchins mistaken for an unexploded mine

The Royal Australian Navy came to the resuce when a snorkeler reported sighting two explosive sea mines at the GBR. It turns out, the mines were nothing more than big urchins. Crisis averted!

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A new specialty goby: Sueviota bryozophila, n. sp. AKA Bryozoan Goby

In 2013, our friends Ned and Anna DeLoach from shared with us some photos and a video of a potentially undescribed goby that lives exclusively inside lacy bryozoan colonies. It turns out the species is indeed new to science, and Gerald Allen, Mark Erdmann, and N.K. Dita Cahynai have just formally described Sueviota bryozophila n. sp.

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