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Announcement: Advanced Aquarist to be Made Available in PDF Format!

By Shane Graber Posted Nov 14, 2007 07:00 PM Pomacanthus Publications, Inc.
Our magazine issues from November 2007 and forward will be available in both an online AND downloadable PDF format for your added reading enjoyment. Read more for the details!

Just as we were the first to introduce a 100% web-based reefkeeping magazine back in 2002, we continue to innovate by introducing a new way for you to read Advanced Aquarist — in PDF format! We are excited to announce that in two weeks time, we will be making downloadable PDFs available for the November 2007 issue and future issues of Advanced Aquarist. This project has been in the making for almost a year and a half and was undertaken due to numerous requests for downloadable PDFs of the magazine from readers. You've asked for it, we heard you, and we worked hard to provide you, our readers, what you asked for.

Starting December 1st you will be able to download Advanced Aquarist in PDF format. You will get a full color, fully searchable document that looks great printed, and that you can take wherever you go. We've implemented a design that's clean and easy on the eyes as well as printer ink. Advanced Aquarist is confident you will find the PDFs an invaluable addition to our magazine.

The Design

Our layout inspiration for the magazine has come from the PDF versions of technical journals like PLoS Biology as well as proven magazine layouts such as Discover Magazine and Scientific American. The magazine cover has been completely redesigned and now features a full-page cover photo plus highlights of select content from within each issue. The table of contents at the beginning of the PDF will be internally linked so that you can click on an article title, taking you to that article page in the PDF. Each issue will be roughly 30-45 pages in length and will support hyperlinks throughout the article so that you can click through the issue as well as click on links for other websites. The download size will be somewhere between 6 MB and 12 MB depending on the content inside each issue.


File downloads and podcasts will not be included in the PDFs. However these will be linked from the article so that you can download them from our website at your leisure.

We've put together a preview of a magazine article that showcases what you can expect when published on December 1st. Download it to see how it will look once available!

The Details

Each PDF issue will be provided FOR FREE two weeks after publication of the online version. We will keep a complete list of all the PDFs that are available for download at You can get there by simply clicking on the PDF link in our header menu or by clicking the PDF icon at the top of every article. We encourage you to spread the word, print out the PDF issues, and take them wherever you go — reefkeeping meetings, stores, etc. Let everyone know about it!

We have noticed that there are problems viewing the cover of the magazine if you're running Adobe Acrobat 5, so please make sure you're running the latest version (or at least Version 7) of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need to get a copy of Acrobat, head over to the Adobe Reader page and download it.

Announcements for the PDF availability will be on our homepage and on our General Reef Discussion forum. If you prefer, you can also receive announcements for it on #reefs IRC, subscribe to our email list, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

We plan to continue to publish our online version as we always have. We started with an online magazine and intend to keep it online so that everyone can quickly and easily access our information from any PC.

Background and Future Plans

PDFs will be available for free until September 2008's issue, at which point Advanced Aquarist will decide on how the PDFs shall be distributed. Producing a magazine in this format is time-consuming and is not free, but we have chosen to provide a year's worth of free downloads for everyone to enjoy and appreciate this new medium. Future issues may include sponsor ads and product announcements to help defray the publication costs as well as to inform you of new and exciting products from marine hobby manufacturers. As this project progresses, other changes to the format and layout may take place in order to better optimize the magazine. Currently, there are no plans to make our back issues available as PDFs.

We are very interested in your feedback; If you have any questions or comments, please email us at If you are an author and would like to write for us, please email for article proposals, authoring guidelines, and current article pay rates. If you have an aquarium that you'd like to showcase in our magazine, please email Wade Lehmann at For information about advertising with Advanced Aquarist, please contact Leonard Ho at We have a variety of packages that should be suitable for your business needs.

We've put a lot of time and energy into this project and we hope that you enjoy it. See you on December 1st!

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