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April 2009

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Volume VIII, Issue IV

Editorial: January 2008

To our readers from all over planet Earth, Happy New Year.

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Feature Article: Granular Activated Carbon, Part 1: Modeling of Operational Parameters for Dissolved Organic Carbon Removal from Marine Aquaria

Chemistry Department, The Pennsylvania State University. In this first part of a two part series, the authors will introduce granular activated carbon and explain the experimental goals and mathematical models used in their research.

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Feature Article: Montipora digitata: A Stony Coral for All Hobbyists

These animals are generally hardy in captivity and can grow rather quickly, making them attractive to beginning and intermediate reefkeepers.

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Feature Article: Coral Coloration, Part 9: Tridacna and Other Photosynthetic Clam Coloration, With Observations on Possible Functions

This month, we will continue our observations of marine invertebrate coloration with a slightly different subject - that of the impressive appearance of photosynthetic clams.

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Reefkeeping Events: What's Happening in Your Area?

Check to see if an event is happening in your area!

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Aquarium Fish: Large Angels in the Home Aquarium, Part 1

The information in this article is by large the result of my 22+ years of experience observing these animals in my own tanks, as well as tracking the results obtained by other hobbyists during that time.

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Lateral Lines: Water Flow Part 1: Where to Begin

How can a hobbyist decide how to set up their tank if they don't have an idea on how the water will move in the tank?

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