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Online Courses: New MACO Course! Aquarium Photography

By D. Wade Lehmann Posted Oct 14, 2008 08:00 PM Pomacanthus Publications, Inc.
Marine Aquarist Courses Online (MACO) is proud to offer, starting October 19th, a course for aquarium photography.

Marine Aquarist Courses Online ( is proud to announce the newest in our series of online courses.  Aquarium Photography is designed for those of us who want to learn how to better use our cameras to document and show off our tanks and inhabitants.

Through interactive online learning with practical, hands on photography assignments and critiques of your images through your own student gallery on the MACO website, you will gain a thorough understanding of how to capture stunning photographs of marine or freshwater aquariums and their aquatic inhabitants.  

During the Aquarium Photography Techniques – Level I course, you will learn how to utilize your camera equipment (including electronic flash) to capture clear and compelling images of aquariums under different conditions as well as the basic rules of composition and fundamental macro photography techniques.

We will examine how to ‘set the stage’ in an aquarium for your photo shoot while discussing a variety of techniques for capturing images of a variety of subject matter, including corals, invertebrates, and (of course) fish. We will also cover methods of photographing entire aquarium environments.  

The Aquarium Photography Techniques – Level I course will also include an introduction to multimedia uses for your images & methods for displaying and sharing them as well as basic post-production skills, including digital file management and computer manipulation.

Registration Details

Registration closes on Saturday October 18th!! Register now before its too late!

The Aquarium Photography Techniques - Level I course, beginning October 19, 2008, is now open for registration! Live chat sessions will be 5-7pm PST (8-10pm EST).

In order to register for the Photography course, please click the Paypal link at the bottom of the page. The cost for the course is $85 for the full 6 weeks and lifetime access to both the forums and the course materials.

This course will be 6 weeks, with a weekly chat session (8-10pm EST Sundays). Transcripts of each course chat will be available on the website shortly after each chat session.

When your registration is received, watch your registered email for your login ID and password for the MACO website. At that point, you should have full access to the course and its contents. 

Click this link to register for the course: 

Instructor Bio

Chris lives in Vancouver, British Columbia; on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, about 10 minutes from the Vancouver Aquarium.

He has been teaching specialized photography skills since 2002 and has been an aquarium enthusiast and professional for almost 25 years.

Currently, Chris works with an aquarium design & service company that maintains approximately 150 (fresh & salt-water) tanks ranging from a 10-gallon nano to an 800-gallon reef environment. He is also working with a number of local aquarium stores and wholesalers on livestock photography projects.

Chris’ photography background includes producing commercial imagery for Food Manufacturers, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships, and Tourist Attractions. His work has been used by organizations such as Hyatt, Disney, Carnival Cruise lines, Sutton Place Hotels, Vancouver Tourism, Seattle's Best Coffee and

In addition, he also holds a certificate in Adult Education from the Vancouver School Board.

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