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Announcement: March 2011 Kindle / Nook eReader Edition Available

By Shane Graber Posted Apr 02, 2011 07:00 PM Pomacanthus Publications, Inc.
Kindle and Nook / Sony eReader editions are now available for this issue!

EBook Readers: we are pleased to announce that we've made Kindle and Nook / Sony eReader / Kobo eBook editions of this issue available for your reading pleasure.


As always we are highly interested in your comments on this new way to read Advanced Aquarist. Please sound off in the Comments or send an email to feedback@advancedaquarist with feedback on how we can make this edition more to your liking.

Check out the screen shots from the Kindle edition below to see how it looks on an eReader:


The cover as seen on the Kindle 2.


The start page that you will be greeted to when you first start reading this issue on the Kindle.


The issue table-of-contents shows each article, author, and a short blurb about each article.


An example of an article from this month's issue.


An example of an image in an issue.

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