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Advertise with Advanced Aquarist

By admin - Posted Feb 04, 2011 06:45 PM
Founded in 2002, Advanced Aquarist is the first and longest running online reef aquarium publication. Advertising in Advanced Aquarist is a vital, cost-effective way to reach your target demongrahics.


In 2002, Advanced Aquarist premiered the first ever online periodical for aquarists.  We publish exclusive, relevant articles written by world-renowned experts. In 2011, we complimented our magazine with daily blogs. Today, Advanced Aquarist is the world’s most read, most respected aquarist publication.

Advanced Aquarist statistics and key demographics:

  • 210,000 unique visitors per month ... and growing
  • 10.4 million page views per month ... and growing
  • 71% of Advanced Aquarist readers are between 18-54 years old
  • 52% of Advanced Aquarist readers make over $50,000 with 22% making over $100,000
  • 66% male, 34% female readership.

Directly measured AWStats, Quantcast, and Google Analytics statistics are available upon request.

We reward our sponsors by actively seeking partnerships and reinvesting in our own advertising campaigns.  Advanced Aquarist is committed to growing our readership ... and your return on investment.

Your company can rest assured your ads reach a large audience of enthusiastic hobbyists.  Advanced Aquarist continues to grow rapidly each year. Let our sustained growth facilitate your business’ growth. Advertise to your target audience with Advanced Aquarist!

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Advanced Aquarist offers the following ad placement options:


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