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A story of unbelievable survival

By Leonard Ho - Posted Jul 02, 2015 09:00 AM
Common goldfish are often fed to big predatory fish, who dispatch their prey quickly in the confines of an aquarium. Yet, one goldfish managed to escape the jaws of death and survive undetected for at least seven years, secretly growing to 10 inches (25cm) in length!
A story of unbelievable survival

'Started from the bottom now we here ...'

Shima Marineland in Japan’s Mie Prefecture is home to an Arapaima exhibit; Arapaima are huge (12+ feet, 3+ meter) prehistoric looking tropical freshwater fish from South America.  The staff at Shima Marineland used to feed their Arapaima live "feeder goldfish," but they stopped the practice seven years ago. So imagine their surprise when they discovered a whooper of a goldfish in the exhibit's filtration system.  Apparently, the goldfish had snuck out of the Arapaima exhibit through a 1cm (1/2") pipe where it survived - and grew to a  very healthy size - in total seclusion for at least seven years!

The goldfish now lives in its own exhibit at Shima Marineland and has quickly become a fan favorite.  No doubt this fish has earned its new-found fame.

Maybe we should all check our filters, overflow boxes, or sumps.  Who knows what lurks there Surprised

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Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

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