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An Indonesian sandfall aquascape

By Leonard Ho - Posted Dec 01, 2015 09:00 AM
We've shared more than our fair share of sandfalls (AKA "underwater waterfalls") in the past, so lately we've held back posting more aquascapes that feature this design element unless they're special. This one is special.

Sandfalls are undeniably neat but often fall into the trap of being gimmicky.  However, when they're used judiciously as part of a grander vision, they can really elevate an aquascape.

This 60x30x36cm aquarium is installed in an Indonesian local fish store, and it is still fairly young.  Once the greenery fills out, we imagine this aquascape will be even more picturesque than it already is.

Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

I'm a passionate aquarist of over 30 years, a coral reef lover, and the blog editor for Advanced Aquarist. While aquarium gadgets interest me, it's really livestock (especially fish), artistry of aquariums, and "method behind the madness" processes that captivate my attention.


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