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And on the other end of the spectrum ...

By Leonard Ho - Posted Jan 06, 2014 10:15 AM
Yin-yang? In the preceding blog post, we reported about Rice University students doing awesome work. On the other side of the world, a Hong Kong student was fined HK$8600 (~$1100 USD) after being convicted of stealing and killing four fish from a local fish store. The details will make you scratch (and shake) your head.
And on the other end of the spectrum ...

Nannacara adoketa can't live in trouser pockets.

Chinese student Kwan Chun-lok walked into his LFS where he secretly netted four Zebra acara (Nannacara adoketa).  He then stashed all the fish in his trouser pockets!  Yes; You read that right. He put the four live fish in his pant pockets obviously leading to their deaths.  After the LFS manager noticed the four missing fish during a routine stock check, the store reviewed CCTV footage to witness Kwan committing the bizarre crime.  Even more bizarre: After literally pocketing the four fish (which the store values at HK$1400/~$180 USD each), Kwan did not leave the store immediately.  He actually purchased a HK$390 (~$50 USD) fish before leaving the premises.  Uh ...

Kwan's defense lawyer called the act a "prank."  We call it animal cruelty by a possible psychopath.

[via South China Morning Post]

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