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Another new dwarf goby; this time it's Eviota

By Leonard Ho - Posted Mar 04, 2014 08:00 AM
There's clearly a lot of new reef fish - and especially new dwarf gobies - out there waiting for science to discover. Last week, we reported on a beautiful new Trimma goby, Trimma helenae. T.helenae is not the only new goby species researchers have recently found. This is Eviota santanai.
Another new dwarf goby; this time it's Eviota

Eviota santanai

Scientists for Conservation International (the same nonprofit conservation organization that found Trimma helenae) discovered this new goby during a biodiversity survey inTimor-Leste, Indonesia's new neighboring island State.  The discovery actually occurred in the summer of 2012, but Eviota santanai was only officially described this winter.

Author: Leonard Ho
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