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APBreed's upcoming dietary products

By Shane Graber - Posted Aug 15, 2011 11:00 AM
To follow-up on this weekend's announcement by Reed Mariculture about their new line of dietary products named APBreed, Reed has also listed many new products in the works: enriched Artemia, copepods, greenwater, and more!

On August 13, 2011, Reed Mariculture announced their new line named APBreed - nutritional products for Aquariums, Propagators, and Breeders.  APBreed will premiere seven new "flagship products" at this year's MACNA in Des Moise, IA.

But they're not done yet!  Reed Mariculture is also working on numerous new items for their new line:


Live Paracalanus Copepods

Live Parvocalanus crassirostris copepod cultures.

Liquid Cloram-X

Highly buffered ClorAm-X® in a liquid form.

N-Rich for Brine Shrimp & Rotifers

Enriching rotifers and Artemia to optimize their nutritional profile is a 'second step' of rotifer rearing for most commercial hatcheries. N-Rich® is a microalgal product designed specifically for this step. N-Rich offers phospholipid HUFA enrichment plus a wide spectrum of essential nutrients, including high levels of protein, carotenoids, sterols and optimized vitamins C, A and D, that are necessary for the optimal health of larval fish of all species.

RotiGreen® Omega

This greenwater formulation is our proprietary blend of whole-cell, high HUFA algae with a balance of the essential fatty acids DHA, EPA and ARA. RotiGreen Omega is good for your larvae and your rotifers!

Live Zoopankton

Live Artemia, Live SS Rotifers in addition to Reed Mariculture's own 'Mini 160' L-Type rotifers, Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs

Commercial Hatchery Grade Marine Microalgae concentrates, in sizes convenient for breeders

Isochrysis, RotiGrow Nanno®

Broodstock Diet

Author: Shane Graber
Location: Indiana

Shane has kept saltwater tanks for the last 12 years, is a research scientist, lives in northern Indiana, and is a proud Advanced Aquarist staffer.


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