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April 2011's Most Popular Posts

By Shane Graber - Posted May 01, 2011 01:00 PM
In April we showcased an awesome 2000 gallon coral farm, learned that palytoxin can be found at your local fish store as well as what it can do to you, took a first look at the new Neptune controller, learned how to prevent overflows, and much more. Here's a look back at our most popular posts for April 2011.

Incredible 8000L (2000+ gallon) Portugal Coral Farm

Incredible 8000L (2000+ gallon) Portugal Coral Farm

Nothing is more rewarding for me than seeing successful breeding and propagation systems, which is why I am extremely pleased to help showcase the "selected reef tank" at Machado de Sousa's 8000L Coral Farm. Read more...

Zoanthids from reefkeeper's tank.

Palytoxin, the World's Second Deadliest Poison, Possibly Available at Your LFS

In an article published yesterday in the Public Library of Science journal ONE, scientists from the US FDA identified that palytoxin, one of the deadliest toxins known to man, can be found in zoanthid colonies readily available in the aquarium trade." Read more...

Suspect caught on video poisoning fish tanks

Man Poisons LFS Tanks, Kills $8,000 of Livestock!

This may be the most disgusting hobbyist story I've read in a long while. A man walks into Underwater World in Helena, Montana (not to be confused with the wholesaler in Los Angeles) and sprinkles a mysterious white powder into their holding tanks, killing 70 fishes, corals, and inverts. Read more...

The Basin Tank Reef Aquarium of Kyle Verry

The Basin Tank Reef Aquarium of Kyle Verry

Here at Advanced Aquarist, we like to showcase unusual and unique aquarium builds and this one definitely fits that category. I've never actually seen a hobbyist tank quite like this one. Read more...

The upcoming Neptune System Apex Jr controller

First Look: Neptune System's new Apex Jr controller!

Advanced Aquarist has received the first look at the upcoming Apex Jr: Neptune System's latest aquarium controller. The Apex Jr incorporates the controller hardware into the body of an EnergyBar4. The new controller uses a web-based interface (no display on the unit itself). Read on for more information and the confirmed feature set. Read more...

Monster Mini Bow with Overflow Protector

DIY: Prevent Overflows in your Reef Tank

For all of you with overflows, you know the fear: you're away from your tank and you get the dreaded call that your tank overflowed. One enterprising DIY'er came up with a solution. Read more...

Baby Arcuatus at Blue Harbor!

Maybe the cutest Arcuatus Angel you will ever see [video and photos]

Blue Harbor continues to receive some of the most amazing fishes available in our hobby. Over the weekend, they posted photos and a video of a baby Apolemichthys arcuatus ... must-see for any angelfish or rare fish fan! Video after the jump. Read more...


Three more beautiful reef aquarium videos + bonus dive video

From time to time, Advanced Aquarist will post the best recent aquarium videos we find. Here are three more beautiful reef aquariums (plus a bonus dive video) for your weekend viewing. Read more...

Palythoa. Photo by Terry Siegel

Palythoa toxica Poisoning - One Reefkeeper's Personal Experience With Palytoxin Poisoning

“Why you should always keep a notebook listing all of the animals in your tank.” This post is by Adrienne Longo-White, a reefkeeper since 1992. At the time of this incident, Adrienne was working for Marine Depot Live. Read more...

Plate Coral feeding on Spectrum pellets.

'Time-lasped' video of a Plate Coral feeding

Len stumbled across a fascinating, sped-up video of a Plate Coral (likely Fungia sp.) feeding on pellet food. Watch as the pellets are moved by the coral from the outer tentacles to the central mouth where they are ultimately consumed. Read more...

Nina Salerosa YouTube Video

Incredible Shark Handling Video - Nina Salerosa

Joe Romeiro of 333 Productions has produced an incredible shark handling video on YouTube. Read more...

Author: Shane Graber
Location: Indiana

Shane has kept saltwater tanks for the last 12 years, is a research scientist, lives in northern Indiana, and is a proud Advanced Aquarist staffer.


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