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AquaSD bringing the heat this summer with some sizzling hot coral

By Johnathan Carvallo - Posted Jul 03, 2012 08:00 AM
California retailer AquaSD has shown us some amazing livestock photos we had to showcase. The colors rival the most spectacular July Fourth fireworks. Hyperbole? Judge for yourself.
AquaSD bringing the heat this summer with some sizzling hot coral

Amazing eye-candy!

With summer now in full swing, lots of hobbyists have their aquarium(s) on auto-pilot, making the most of the nice weather. For us hardcore reef enthusiasts, we know that it's a perfect opportunity to infiltrate some of our favorite retailers (both local and online) in search of that special coral you've been waiting forever to purchase.

Case in point: It's not a common occurrence for us to showcase a single coral retailer, but we couldn't help but share some of the beautiful corals that this San Diego-based livestock vendor has been flaunting online recently.


For all of the soft coral lovers that like to keep it dirty (your water quality that is), these palythoas and ricordea mushroom are instant color for any tank:




Got a NPS (non-photosynthetic) tank? Check out this incredible rock anemone; It's glowing!


AquaSD really excels in the LPS category. Some of these corals have color patterns we've never seen before!






Lastly, AquaSD is in the process of re-doing their display aquarium, and we think it's off to a great start! Take note of the bare-bottom glass quickly becoming consumed by outrageously colorful plate corals.  Neat!  Check out the AquaSD Facebook Page where Will & the gang post weekly WYSIWYG photos of incoming livestock.


Author: Johnathan Carvallo
Location: Northeast

Johnathan is a proud marine hobbyist who spent many years working in a local fish store while managing an online coral site. He enjoys all facets of the marine aquarium industry, but especially loves the technological side and is constantly working on improving and advancing it. He currently maintains a 34 gallon nano aquarium as as well as a coral propagation system. Jon is currently an employee at EcoTech Marine, owner of the up and coming and a staff blogger here at Advanced Aquarist.


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