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Australia approves dumping of millions of tons of dredge around GBR.

By Leonard Ho - Posted
Australia has approved the dumping of 3 million cubic meters of mud and sediment near the Great Barrier Reef in order to build a new shipping port/lane to transport coal over the World Heritage Site. What could possibly go wrong?

Australia seems hellbent on its quest to rake in energy revenue by feeding China and India's insatiable growing demand ... the Great Barrier Reef be damned.  The Australian government has approved the dumping of three million cubic meters of mud, sand, and sediment dredged from the Queensland coast for the purpose of building a shipping port at Abbot Point.

GBR's marine park officials claim there are "47 environmental safeguards" in place to protect the reefs and seagrass beds from the dumping.  However, environmentists such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are concerned and disappointed with the potentially disastrous, unintended consequences which may result from this decision.

Author: Leonard Ho
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