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Baby corals survive on baby fat

By Leonard Ho - Posted
Pocillopora babies are born chubby. That's because a new research finds that during their planula (larva) stage, they derive nearly all their nutrition from lipid and protein reservoirs even when the larvae have already adopted zooxanthallae.

As the corals mature, they then make the switch to getting their energies from symbiotic algae partners.  Scientists do not yet know when this switch occurs,

The study is published in Science Advances (AAAS).

Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

I'm a passionate aquarist of over 30 years, a coral reef lover, and the blog editor for Advanced Aquarist. While aquarium gadgets interest me, it's really livestock (especially fish), artistry of aquariums, and "method behind the madness" processes that captivate my attention.


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