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Bali Deepwater Maricultured Acroporas

By Leonard Ho - Posted Jan 03, 2012 06:00 AM
Bali is now shipping out some awesome maricultured "deepwater" Acropora. Extreme Corals (Germany) has received shipment of some extraordinary specimens with unique growth forms that will whet the appetite of any SPS lover in 2012.
Bali Deepwater Maricultured Acroporas

A red A.carduus. The pricey "Red Dragon Acro" designer coral has some serious competition now.

SPS lovers: Make way for new Acropora carduus, A.echinata, A. navinii, A. fenneri, A. rambleri, A. pichoni, et al. maricultured from Bali, Indonesia.  We have exciting new photos of these Acropora recently imported by Extreme Corals.  The colors and growth forms are outstanding, and the "frag" sizes are really more like small colonies (as often is the case with maricultured corals).  Perhaps the best news is maricultured ("sea-farmed") corals are sustainable.

Advanced Aquarist thanks Extreme Corals for sharing this information with our readers.  Maricultured corals have never looked so good.

Enough words ... on to the photos!









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