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Can you eat something bigger than yourself? [video]

By Shane Graber - Posted Dec 08, 2011 11:00 AM
Watch a video of a frogfish devouring a fish as big if not bigger than itself. My jaw dropped when I saw how big of a fish this predator could fit into its mouth and stomach.
Can you eat something bigger than yourself? [video]

One of the many frogfish featured in "Frogfish City"

Back in May I covered a number of interesting frogfish videos. Today this one showed up in my RSS reader and I just had to share it with everyone.

This video "Frogfish City" was shot by Alex Be of The three minute video showcases a number of amazingly colored and camouflaged frogfish.  At the start of the video, a frogfish consumes a fish that looks bigger than the frogfish itself!

Watch for yourself and be amazed.

Author: Shane Graber
Location: Indiana

Shane has kept saltwater tanks for the last 12 years, is a research scientist, lives in northern Indiana, and is a proud Advanced Aquarist staffer.


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