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Destination Reefs: Great Barrier Reef

By Leonard Ho - Posted Jan 15, 2012 07:00 AM
This week's destination really needs no introduction. Being the world's largest reef structure, there's no shortage of underwater dive sites to explore. We have not one, not two, but three professional videos of the GBR for you this week.
Destination Reefs: Great Barrier Reef

Ribbon Reefs: One of countless underwater spectacles found in the Great Barrier Reef.

Marine aquarists recognize the stunning livestock that hails from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.  Words simply can not describe how expansive and beautiful the GBR is, so let's jump straight to the videos.  All three gorgeous HD footage are produced by Underwater Productions.

The Destination Reefs video series showcases the diversity of coral reefs around the world.  Through these high quality videos, Advanced Aquarist hopes we can all gain a greater appreciation of reef life beyond our glass boxes.  Our world is truly a wondrous place!


Diving the Ribbon Reefs on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Diving the "Cod Hole" on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, post Cyclone Yasi

Scuba diving on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Brisbane

Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

I'm a passionate aquarist of over 30 years, a coral reef lover, and the blog editor for Advanced Aquarist. While aquarium gadgets interest me, it's really livestock (especially fish), artistry of aquariums, and "method behind the madness" processes that captivate my attention.


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