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Ecotech introduces a new generation of VorTech pumps

By Leonard Ho - Posted Feb 11, 2015 09:00 AM
Ecotech Marine has announced completely new models for their entire line of VorTech pumps. The new pumps are called the VorTech QuietDrive (QD) and marketed as more efficient with up to 40% more output and 90% less motor noise. No, that's not a typo. We distill all the useful information about the exciting evolution of the VorTech.

The VorTechs revolutionized aquarium circulation when Ecotech unleashed them unto the hobby in 2006.  You can make a convincing argument the VorTech ushered in the era of propeller pumps, which remains the preferred technology for water movement by modern reefkeepers.  Through the years, the VorTechs have received several evolutionary upgrades (mainly focused on adding driver and wireless functionality).  In 2015, Ecotech is revamping the VorTech system with new drivers, motors, and propeller assemblies.*  Introducing the QuietDrive ...

The VorTech QuietDrive (QD) pumps feature:

  • All new driver included with the VorTech MP10, MP40 and MP60
  • 6+ Available continuous operational modes.  The Long Pulse mode has been replaced by a Gyre mode.
  • Wave Auto Tune, Feed Mode & Night Mode
  • Up to 90% less motor noise**
  • Up to 40% more output**
  • Dual bearing wet side
  • Communicates with existing WWD and “w” EcoSmart (ES) pumps
  • Fully compatible with EcoSmart Live via ReefLink
  • Compatible with wireless EcoSmart VorTechs
  • Available as an upgrade for WWD and EcoSmart Drivers

* The MP10 and MP60 are essentially the same except for the new QD Driver.  The MP40, VorTech's most popular model, will benefit from new wet and dry sides.
** MP40wQD compared to MP40wES

Ecotech Marine explains to Advanced Aquarist that the new driver employs technology that smooths the torque curve on the DC motor resulting in a dramatic reduction in motor noise (claimed to be virtually inaudible).  The new QD driver (not the motor itself nor the prop) is the component most responsible for the improved efficiency and reduced operational noise.  Thus, even though the MP10 and MP60 will continue using the dry and wet side of the current ES generation and thus their rated flow rates remain the same, these models will still benefit from drastic noise reduction and improved efficiency.  The MP40, with its new motor, will get a big output boost on top of the other benefits.quietdrive2.jpg

Price and Availability

QD pumps are already shipping to EcoTech authorized dealers so hobbyist should be able to purchase all of the following models by the end of February 2015 for the following MAP (Minimum Advertised Price):

  • MP10QD: $235 (non-wireless QD version of the MP10)
  • MP10wQD:$285
  • MP40wQD $349
  • MP60wQD $675

Upgrade Path

VorTech MP40wES owners have three upgrade path available to them with  prices and availability TBD soon. VorTech MP40wES owners can:

  1. Upgrade to the new QD driver, resulting in reduced noise and increased efficiency
  2. Upgrade to the QD wet-side propeller, resulting in increased durability
  3. Upgrade both the QD driver and QD wet-side propeller, resulting in reduced noise, increased efficiency, and increased durability.

Note: The new QD dry-side motor increases flow rates on the MP40 but requires both the new QD wet-side propeller and QD driver.  Essentially, a dry-side motor upgrade is only available if you purchase a completely new QD VorTech.

MP10wES and MP60wES owners can upgrade their drivers to the QuietDrive.

We have good news for owners not ready to upgrade; EcoTech plans to continue its support of wES pumps.


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Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

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