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Giesemann offers new downloadable LED lighting schedule profiles

By Leonard Ho - Posted Apr 08, 2014 09:00 AM
To simplify the operation of Giesemann's new, advanced FUTURA and FUTURA-S LED lighting fixtures, the German manufacturer is now providing users six downloadable lighting schedule profiles. Profiles for the TESZLA-BT will also be available shortly.
Giesemann offers new downloadable LED lighting schedule profiles

Screenshots of the new lighting profiles displayed in the FUTURA-BT software.

Read our previous product coverage to learn about Giesemann's FUTURA and TESZLA LED lights.

The following profiles will soon be available for download from the Giesemann website and via their connected support forums. To use the profiles, you must be running the current FUTURA-BT software with Load/Save feature via either PC or MAC:

  • Shallow Lagoon Day-cycle
  • 5 meter Day-cycle
  • 10 meter Day-cycle
  • 20 meter Day-cycle
  • Growth Priority
  • Colour Priority

Four of the first six profiles replicate natural equatorial daylight cycles at various depths.  Two additional profiles are programmed for optimal coral growth and for optimal coral coloration.  FUTURA users can, of course, fine-tune their lighting to best suit their needs and preferences.  These profiles are designed to simplify the initial programming and to serve as a starting point for customization.

Note: Each profile is pre-configured to a maximum peak intensity of no more than 50% on its highest channel to minimize light shock.  Users are provided instructions on how to increase intensity over time if desired as well as add additional features such as cloud cover simulation and advanced sun shift programming.

Additional profiles for Giesemann will also release profiles for their TESZLA LEDs soon.

Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

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