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Hawaii passes aquarium fish collection limits

By Leonard Ho - Posted Jul 01, 2013 09:00 AM
Breaking news: This weekend, Hawaii's Board of Land and Natural Resources voted 4-2 in favor of limiting the collection of aquarium fish to 40 species off the west coast of the Island of Hawaii.
Hawaii passes aquarium fish collection limits

Hawaii's Kona coast. Photo by 'SteveD' (c.c.)

The State's Department of Land and Natural Resources has decided to impose new limitations on what species collectors may take from the Big Island's Kona coast. In response to the decision, William Aila, DLNR's head and one of the two dissenting board members, stated: “I was disappointed with the outcome because I believe we need more scientific data before taking a step that will affect fishers’ lives."

Advanced Aquarist is awaiting the list of permitted species (and by extension, the list of newly prohibited fish) in addition to other details about Hawaii's DLNR latest decision.  We will share more information as they become available.

The Board also ruled to ban SCUBA spearfishing at Kona in addition to redrawing the boundaries of a fishery management area off Puako.

Author: Leonard Ho
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