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Introducing Mitchell Brown

By Leonard Ho - Posted Dec 20, 2011 07:00 AM
Advanced Aquarist is proud to introduce our new resident photographer, Mitchell Brown! Mitchell has a keen eye for color and composition and will graciously share his aquarium photography for use in our magazine, blog, and wallpapers. Take a look at some of his wonderful work!
Introducing Mitchell Brown

Clownfish and anemone, brilliantly photographed by Mitchell Brown (

Mitchell Brown (Ontario, Canada) is as passionate about reefkeeping as he is about learning, forever striving to improve.  A photographer of over 20 years, Mitchell has shot weddings and currently shoots photojournalism, fire services photography (he's a member of the Fire Photographers Association), and of course aquariums!

Mitchell is available to shoot custom tank photography for enthusiasts who want to document their systems. His skilled shutterbug eye focuses on the finer details and colors that are often overlooked in the aquarium.  Mitchell also sells high quality prints of his aquatic photography at Visit his website to view more of his work and for his contact information.

Advanced Aquarist is excited about the opportunity to work with Mitchell.  We believe his photography will greatly enhance our publication.  Look for his work in our magazine articles, blogs, and upcoming high resolution wallpapers.

Enough chatter and on to the eye candy!

(A reminder: prints of these images are available for purchase at ... Mitchell deserves this plug!)













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