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June 2011's Most Popular Posts

By Shane Graber - Posted Jul 02, 2011 08:00 AM
In June we were introduced to the new seneye aquarium monitor, learned of the discovery of a cyclops shark, witnessed a unique VW artificial reef structure, and found out about a 13 year old that contracted a rare bacterial infection from her aquarium. Here's a look back at our most popular posts for June 2011.

Simply Amazing 3,600 liter LFS Display

HPAquaristik - a LFS in Germany - spared no expense with their main reef display. Their 3,600 liter (950 gallon) aquarium features LED lighting which simulates some of the most natural cloud cover and thunderstorms I've seen. But get this: During the simulated thunderstorms, it actually rains freshwater over the giant reef aquarium! Read more...

seneye: Possibly the world's most feature-rich aquarium monitor

A new, advanced aquarium monitor is set to premiere this summer. I know what you're probably saying to yourself: Is there really a need for another aquarium monitor? Having been granted an exclusive sneak peek, I can emphatically answer: YES! seneye not only monitors more parameters than any single device currently on the market, it does so in the most user-friendly manner. Read more about the new seneye device after the jump. Read more...

The most bizarre shark you've ever seen

Welcome to the other twilight zone. A commercial fisherman from the tropical Sea of Cortez has caught one strange fish: an one-eyed shark! This fish is like something straight out of a science fiction movie. Real or hoax? Read the story behind this shark (plus one more photo) after the jump. Read more...

Rare skin infection contracted from aquarium bacteria

13 year old Hannele Cox of San Bernardino County, California, may lose her hand due to a simple scratch she received while working with an aquarium five years ago. Read more...

Ornate Ghost Pipefish gives birth at Steinhart Aquarium [video]

One of the unique finds of the California Academy of Sciences' recent Philippine Biodiversity Expedition is a pair of rare Ornate Ghost Pipefish. Shortly after arrival the female gave birth and the staff are now working to raise what may be the world's first captive reared Ghost Pipefish. Read more...

The VW Bug Artificial Reef

This week's winner of the "Ain't that Cool" award goes to this artificial reef sculpted in the form of a classic Volkswagen Beetle. The eight ton concrete replica was created by English artist Jason deCaires Taylor for his Cancun Underwater Museum (Mexico). Read on for more details about this exhibit and the Underwater Museum. Read more...

Living Color's 9,000 gallon cylinder artificial reef aquarium

Living Color is a custom aquarium manufacturer headquartered in Florida. They have produced high end displays for many public aquariums and big-name clients throughout the years: Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, Rainforest Café, Bass Pro Shops. Living Color shares their unique 26 feet (8 meter) tall cylinder aquarium with Advanced Aquarist. Read more...

Calling all hermit crab exhibitionists: Hand-blown Glass Shells!

Are your hermit crabs looking for new digs? Consider these beautiful works of art: Artist/designer Robert DuGrenier creates exquisite hand-blown glass shells for hermit crabs from his Vermont workshop. Read more...

Screenshot of the upcoming seneye online interface

Advanced Aquarist has received an exclusive look at how the seneye web interface will look. Multiple boxes will display data and graphs collected from the seneye Reef sensor. The layout and functionality is similar to you can drag boxes around to fit your personal preference and enlarge any box to full-screen. Like the rest of seneye's design concept, this interface succeeds at being highly functional but very user-friendly. View a close-up of the screen after the jump. Read more...

Husbandry: Fish Selection and Companionability

Advanced Aquarist welcomes our newest blog writer: Matthew Stansbery! In his first blog, Matt introduces readers to his multi-part series about the considerations hobbyists should take into account when selecting livestock for their aquariums. Read more...

Author: Shane Graber
Location: Indiana

Shane has kept saltwater tanks for the last 12 years, is a research scientist, lives in northern Indiana, and is a proud Advanced Aquarist staffer.


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