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You are here: Home Blog Manhattan Reefs Fall Frag Swap was a major success (w/ pics)!

Manhattan Reefs Fall Frag Swap was a major success (w/ pics)!

By Johnathan Carvallo - Posted Dec 10, 2011 05:55 PM
The annual fall frag swap hosted by the folks of the Manhattan Reefs club was a major success, drawing invisitors for eye-popping corals, guest speakers and a raffle table stacked with an abundance of awesome aquarium gear!

For the unlikely few aquarists that haven't heard of them, Manhattan Reefs is one of the largest local marine clubs in the country. Every year, the club hosts several frag swaps, where hobbyists can buy, sell, or trade some of the nicest corals in the East Coast.

On Sunday, December 4th, I was lucky enough to attend the annual M.R. Fall Frag Swap located at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. The show hosted over 350 attendees and tons of vendors displaying some seriously awesome livestock! In addition, a massive raffle took place including every marine aquarium related product under the sun. There were several guest speakers who talked about some very relavant and interesting topics. The folks in charge of the event even made sure you were well fed, offering all attendees a complimentary lunch. The pictures below (thanks to Marcin) help to explain just how awesome this event truly was!

MR Overlooking

Overlooking the crowd of hobbyists and vendors, drawing a crowd from all over the East Coast


A wide assortment of high-quality coral eye-candy from Jason Fox.


A table filled with tons of awesome aquarium gear up for grabs in the raffle drawing.

copy_of_KevinK.jpg's Kevin Kohen giving a presentation on Superstar Fishes for Reef Aquaria.


Industry pioneer Scott Fellman discussing The Silent Victims of Overzealous Marine Aquarists.


Dr. Mac's PacificEast Aquaculture displaying lots of colorful Clams, LPS and more!


Todd from Cherry Corals and Rogger from Rogger's Reef Food hanging out and enjoying the day!

All in all, the event was a major success and I'm glad that I was able to attend and join in on the fun. For those who have never attended a frag swap, I can't encourage you enough to attend them. No matter the location, there's always of great conversation, affordable frags, cool equipment to check out and most importantly, the FUN of hanging out with people who are just as passionate about the marine aquarium industry as you are!

Manhattan Reefs has already announced a Frag Swap planned for the Spring of 2012, date and location TBA. To find out more information or to become a member, be sure to visit

Author: Johnathan Carvallo
Location: Northeast

Johnathan is a proud marine hobbyist who spent many years working in a local fish store while managing an online coral site. He enjoys all facets of the marine aquarium industry, but especially loves the technological side and is constantly working on improving and advancing it. He currently maintains a 34 gallon nano aquarium as as well as a coral propagation system. Jon is currently an employee at EcoTech Marine, owner of the up and coming and a staff blogger here at Advanced Aquarist.


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