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More coral video awesomeness

By Leonard Ho - Posted Jan 18, 2013 08:00 AM
I'm in 100% agreement with Shane: Speed-adjusted videos rock! Whether it's time-lapse photography or sped-up video, they help us appreciate the purposeful motions of slow-moving organisms we might not otherwise understand in real-time. This 20x-speed video shows a gorgeous Ricordia yuma mushroom coral chowing down on Fauna Marin LPS pellets.

It wasn't long ago when reefkeepers underestimated the importance of foods for coral, but recent studies confirm the value of feeding corals.  It's difficult to view corals as voracious animals because of the tiny scale and slow motion of their predation, but when you zoom in on a coral and speed up the footage, we can better appreciate their ability to consume food. This R.yuma mushroom coral (one of the most beautiful I've seen) proves corals pig out ... even supermodel corals.

This video was posted by Reef Wholesale, an aquarium goods wholesaler based in Ontario, Canada and the North American distributor for Fauna Marin, Germany (an Advanced Aquarist sponsor).

Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

I'm a passionate aquarist of over 30 years, a coral reef lover, and the blog editor for Advanced Aquarist. While aquarium gadgets interest me, it's really livestock (especially fish), artistry of aquariums, and "method behind the madness" processes that captivate my attention.


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