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New 'Fish Tank Kings' video clip: "Big Project, Big Promises"

By Leonard Ho - Posted Apr 25, 2012 08:00 AM
Last Friday, Nat Geo shared a video clip of their upcoming TV show 'Fish Tank Kings' where Living Color Aquariums goes to Curacao to collect fish using a submersible. This week, we find out what they were collecting for: A new deep water exhibit for Florida Aquarium.
New 'Fish Tank Kings' video clip: "Big Project, Big Promises"

Mat and Allan chat in front of the 500,000 gallon Florida reef tank.

Mat of Living Color Aquariums visits Allan Marshall, VP of Biological Operations at the Florida Aquarium where Allan seeks LCA's help in building and populating a bold and unique new exhibit for tropical deep water organisms.  Mat knows just the right tool for the job: A deep water submersible specially designed to collect live organisms (as seen in FTK's previously released video clip).

Fish Tank Kings will premiere on May 12, 2012 at 10pm on Nat Geo TV.  Read about Fish Tank Kings.

Author: Leonard Ho
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