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ORA announces success with Ruby Red Dragonet!

By Leonard Ho - Posted Apr 06, 2016 08:00 AM
The Ruby Red Dragonet is arguably the most attractive dragonet species. It made it's way into the aquarium scene in 2013, and now it has been captive-bred by ORA Farm! ORA shares some photos and breeding insight about this super cool, rare, lil' bottom-dweller.
ORA announces success with Ruby Red Dragonet!

A bevy of ruby red dragonets!

ORA raised about a dozen ruby red dragonets from their first fertilized spawn.  This species produces smaller spawns with a lower fertility rate, as well as smaller-sized larvae that are slower to develop compared to red or brown scooter dragonets; metamorphosis doesn't occur until days 20-25.

The ruby red dragonet is still yet undescribed.  With its intensely bright red body, equally colorful yellow pectoral fins and underbelly, and sailing black dorsal fin, this species is really unlike any other Synchiropus.  For now, we'll continue to call it Synchiropus sp. 'ruby red'. ORA supplied us with this photo of two baby captive-bred ruby reds (below).


Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

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