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Pacific Sun's upcoming Ariel LED+T5 fixture is an absolute BEAST

By Leonard Ho - Posted Apr 10, 2013 09:00 AM
We try not to exaggerate with our reporting here at Advanced Aquarist, but I think it's safe to say the upcoming Pacific Sun Ariel lighting system is a monster. How big of a monster is it, you ask? 870 watts of LED power plus 324 watts of T5s (nearly 1200 watts!)
Pacific Sun's upcoming Ariel LED+T5 fixture is an absolute BEAST

Need more power over your reef tank? The Pacific Sun Ariel may be the ticket.

The Pacific Sun Ariel expands on the new full spectrum Hyperion S LED panels they introduced last week with the Pandora fixture.  While the Pandora uses a single 145W panel, the upcoming Ariel will use SIX totaling 870 watts of LED light. Insanity!

Too much light for you?  Pacific Sun will also offer a 75W panel option, which still means an impressive 450 watts of LED light.


The Hyperon S panel includes the following LED colors:

  • UV (400 and 420nm) – Made for Pacific Sun
  • Royal Blue 450nm – Cree
  • Royal Blue 465nm - Cree
  • Blue -  Cree
  • Cyan – Made for Pacific Sun
  • Green - Cree
  • Amber – Made for Pacific Sun
  • Deep Red – Made for Pacific Sun


In addition to the ridiculous amount of LED power, the Ariel adds six 54 watt T5 lights, bringing the total wattage for this fixture just shy of 1200 watts!  Twelve temperature-regulated 80mm fans are used to cool all this power.

The Ariel is a big yet slim light (1250 x 650 x 50mm, 49 x 25.5 x 2 inches) designed to light very big (up to 2 x 1.4 meter, 78 x 55 inch) and deep (up to 1.5 meter, 60") reef aquariums.  To control all that obscene power, the Ariel is a Bluetooth-enabled, WiFi equipped device with a built-in LCD display screen on the fixture.

We have requested more details about the Ariel and will report back to you when we have more news.  In the meantime, here are a couple more photos of this monster lighting system.



Author: Leonard Ho
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