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Radion XR30w Pro to be unveiled this month at MACNA

By Leonard Ho - Posted Sep 14, 2012 08:29 PM
Ecotech Marine is set to debut a Pro version of their popular Radion LED lights. The Pro version will feature a new LED module with more LEDs (including 405nm UV LEDs) to take advantage of the new TIR lens. Existing Radion owners will be able to upgrade their units to the new Pro specs. We have Ecotech's press release after the jump


EcoTech Marine is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Radion line of aquarium LED lighting systems: the XR30w Pro.


Expanding on the technology found in the standard Radion XR30w model, the Radion XR30w Pro represents the cutting edge in LED technology, power, spectrum and spread. Utilizing EcoTech’s TIR lenses and outfitted with 42 top-bin LEDs representing eight different colors and running off of six channels, the XR30w Pro delivers unsurpassed full spectral output from 405nm (Ultra Violet) to 660nm (Hyper Red). The XR30w Pro’s premium LED's provide efficient and precise light output, while six channels of control allow users to adjust each color group individually.

The Radion XR30w Pro:

  • Is ideal for users who want to achieve the highest PAR ratings, have a deep aquarium or want wide light spread with broad spectral coverage.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the existing EcoSmart Live web-based controller platform.
  • Features the same unprecedented modularity found in the base Radion XR30w, allowing for future upgrades and backward compatibility within the entire Radion line.


The Radion XR30w Pro will be formally unveiled at MACNA, Sept. 28-30 in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Priced at $949, the Radion XR30w Pro begins shipping in early 2013. Pre-orders will be accepted beginning Nov. 1. Details of an upgrade path for existing Radion XR30w owners to upgrade their lighting systems with Pro components will be announced in the near future.

Author: Leonard Ho
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