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Rare Centropyge nahackyi sighting in Hawaii

By Leonard Ho - Posted Oct 08, 2013 09:00 AM
It's a good day to be a Centropyge fan! Only officially described in 1989, Centropyge nahackyi is a rarely seen deepwater angelfish. Breeding populations only occur at Johnston Atoll, a tiny and secluded coral reef in the Eastern-Central Pacific, making this Hawaiian sighting even rarer. John Coney photographed this little gem and Brian Greene provides us with video.
Rare Centropyge nahackyi sighting in Hawaii

What a gorgeous dwarf angelfish! Photos by John Coney.

This solitary specimen was spotted at a depth of 120 feet at Kona, Hawaii, roughly 750 nautical miles away from its natural distribution at Johnston Atoll.  Centropyge nahackyi is almost never seen in the aquarium trade because of its limited distribution. Johnston Atoll was a US Military base (closed in 2004) and is currently part of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, a highly protected area overseen by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  C.nahackyi is named after Tony Nahackyi, a veteran aquarium fish collector. We're told this specimen is located in a no-catch zone.


Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

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