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Review: EcoTech Marine Expands Product Line with new Coral Glue

By Johnathan Carvallo Posted Apr 14, 2011 10:52 AM
New product released from EcoTech Elements is a coral propagators best friend!

EcoTech Marine- the company that provides us with the ever-popular Vortech propeller pumps, recently debuted the new EcoTech Elements Coral Glue.

When I first heard about the product release, I was a bit skeptical of how well it actually worked. With the companies positive reputation in mind, I felt obliged to try it out, and I'm glad I did. Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the simple yet attractive packaging; a shiny white and blue box with a clever logo resembling a periodic element. The 295ml bottle is massive, and using it all up is going to take even the most frequent coral cutter some serious time and effort.

The cyanoacrylate gel works well for mounting frags, adhering live rock together and placing corals within your aquascape. The best part about it is that you can do all of this underwater without ever exposing your livestock to air! My test subjects were a few zoanthid polyps, followed by a frag of Acropora Echinata. The glue cured within a matter of seconds and even after several days is holding better than any other epoxy or cyanoacrylate glue I've used (and I've used a lot). Another added benefit to this product is that it offers a patent-pending non-clogging pin cap that helps keep the glue fresh instead of drying out and deeming itself useless.

If you haven't already spotted it, you can expect to see this glue in your LFS very soon. You can also find it online in the EcoTech Marine Parts Store.

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