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Seio Surge Pump is an affordable circulation device

By Leonard Ho - Posted Oct 23, 2011 02:10 AM
Seio's new Surge Pumps, introduced at Reef-a-Palooza 2011, feature low power consumption (<22 watts), low noise, high flow rates (up to 6,400gph), and an integrated 4 stage wavemaker. The pump will soon be available in two models, with the larger model expected to sell for less than $100 USD.
Seio Surge Pump is an affordable circulation device

The larger Seio S10K Surge Pump.

Seio set out to design a plug-and-play pump with integrated wavemaking functionality.  The Surge Pump features an integrated 4 stage wavemaker which automatically cycles the flow rates between preset "low flow, medium flow, medium-high flow, and high flow" to create a wave-like ramp effect.  The wavemaking hardware is built into the pump itself, so there are no external controllers nor even an external power supply (the power cord plugs directly into your wall outlet).  The pump on display definitely put out a lot of flow and was inaudible (granted, it was in a big public space).

Seio currently plans to release 2 models in the near future, with more smaller models possibly to come.  The largest Surge Pump model (the S10K on display) is expected to retail for less than $100.  While there is clearly a market for higher-end circulation devices such as Ecotech Marine Vortech, Tunze Stream, Sicce Voyager, Hydor Koralia, and Coralife DC wavemaker pumps, we see Seio's Surge Pump as a promising, cost-effective alternative for the budget-conscious aquarist.



Author: Leonard Ho
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