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Serial LFS Burglar (with possible fish fetish) caught

By Advanced Aquarist Posted Apr 13, 2012 04:35 PM
A man alleged to have burglarized multiple fish stores in the Lincoln, Nebraska area has been apprehended by police. Local news reports the man as having an "apparent tropical fish fetish," which would explain the bizarre list of stolen items.
Serial LFS Burglar (with possible fish fetish) caught

Alleged criminal with a tropical fish fetish?

Truth is stranger than fiction

Nebraska LFS owners can sleep a little more soundly tonight.

Justin Meyer (23) was arrested in connection with a March 25 Lincoln LFS burglary where approximately $1,400 of saltwater fish decorations and equipment were stolen. A nearby bank surveillance camera recorded Meyers leaving the scene of the crime.

Turns out, this is the same man allegedly responsible for a bizarre December Lincoln LFS burglary Advanced Aquarist reported on.  In his previous bulgary, Meyers allegedly stole the following odd list of items:

A single aquarium of unspecified size, one filter, 10 lbs of decorative rocks, sand, and some fish food, along with 56 marine and freshwater fish.

[via KETV]

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