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Stunning new deepwater reef fish

By Leonard Ho - Posted Oct 06, 2016 09:00 AM
Grammatonotus brianne is an amazing new callanthiid fish discovered by a team of California Academy of Sciences and Bishop Museum ichthyologists. The new species is currently only known from Luzon Island (Philippines) at the remarkable depth of 150 meters.
Stunning new deepwater reef fish

Grammatonotus brianne. Photo by Luiz Rocha.

Exploration of coral reef 'twilight zones' continue to yield species previously unknown to man.  A May 2014 expedition to the Philippines discovered a callanthiid that resembles no other Grammatonotus sp. with its huge rhomboid (diamond) tail and unique two-tone coloration.

This week, this new deepwater fish was formally described as Grammatonotus brianne in Zootaxa (open access).  The paper is authored by William Anderson, Brian Greene, and Luiz Rocha.  The new species is named after Briane Greene's wife, Brianne Atwood.


Brian Greene with recently collected Grammatonotus brianne used for this research.  Photo by Luiz Rocha.

Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

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