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The Moray Eel Charmer [video]

By Leonard Ho - Posted Dec 16, 2011 07:00 AM
Nothing comes between a man ... and his moray eel? Watch as an aquarium staff diver molests (for lack of a better word) a fat 6-foot+ green moray eel. We're not talking about light petting here; It's two minutes of unadulterated full-body groping.

At one point in the video, a woman says "You think he just does this everyday for fun?"  Priceless!

Does anyone know where this is?  The video's description states "Winnipeg Manitoba," but I am unable to find any public aquariums in this area, let alone one with a walk-through tropical reef tunnel aquarium and home to the world's friendliest eel.

It should go without saying, but eel keepers should not attempt to handle your eels at home.

Author: Leonard Ho
Location: Southern California

I'm a passionate aquarist of over 30 years, a coral reef lover, and the blog editor for Advanced Aquarist. While aquarium gadgets interest me, it's really livestock (especially fish), artistry of aquariums, and "method behind the madness" processes that captivate my attention.


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