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The RLSS DB-10i protein skimmer

By Leonard Ho - Posted Sep 18, 2012 08:00 AM
H2O Systems is debuting a new in-sump protein skimmer at MACNA 2012. The new modular skimmer is a volute-less design with a Waveline DC-5000 pump centrally located inside the skimmer body. We have full details on this interesting and novel skimmer design.
The RLSS DB-10i protein skimmer

The upcoming RLSS DB-10i

The RLSS DB-10i will start shipping in November, 2012 at the MSRP of $799.99 USD.  The new skimmer  features:

  • Direct injection system featuring volute-less technology
  • Large (10" at base) graduated reaction chamber
  • 3500 l/h powered by the Waveline DC-5000 DC speed-controllable pump
  • Modular construction
  • Twist-lock joints (except base, which is joined using thumbscrews)
  • Can be assembled in sump for tight opening
  • 4" elevated water exhaust pipe to maintain steady water pressure for the internal pump
  • Silent operation
  • Air silencer provided
  • 12” x 14” footprint
  • 24" total height
  • "Conservatively" rated for 200 gallon reef systems


The most unique feature of the skimmer is the design and orientation of the Waveline needle wheel pump.  The downward facing pump draws water from below the bottom plate and mixes the air and water within the skimmer without a volute.


The central reaction chamber is quickly assembled/disassembled using a twist-lock design.  The DB-10i should be one of the easiest and most accessible skimmers to service.


The skimmer cup is connected using the same twist-lock design making for a faster-to-attach/detach yet more water-tight connection.  This is a great improvement over previous RLSS designs and was one of our criticisms of their RLSS R10-U protein skimmer Advanced Aquarist reviewed several months ago.


Author: Leonard Ho
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