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Top blog posts of 2013

By Advanced Aquarist Posted Dec 30, 2013 09:00 AM
It's that time of the year where everyone is putting out lists. We wrap up 2013 by looking back at our top ten most read blog posts filled with neato stuff for both saltwater and freshwater enthusiasts.


#10: One gallon "Reefbowl" still going strong

Many reefkeepers have heard about Brandon Mason's remarkable Reefbowl pico aquarium: a living reef grown in a one gallon glass vase. Brandon started this miniscule ecosystem in 2006; It's now 2013, and the Reefbowl still thrives.



#9: The amazing Avatar-themed aquarium

There are themed aquariums, then there are THEMED AQUARIUMS. This Avatar-inspired creation is simply breathtaking. A combination of live plants, driftwood, and floating islands sculpted from polystyrene faithfully recreate the fictional moon of Pandora. Oh yeah, there's an underwater waterfall!

#8: If you thought big bristleworms were scary ...

Let 'liquidguru' introduce you to the bobbit worm. These predatory polychaetes (segmented worms) can grow to a mind-boggling 10 feet (3 meters) in length, but that's not even their scariest part! The business end of bobbit worms are armed with sharp pincers designed to snare and slice.


#7: Night-dive video guaranteed to WOW you

Global Dive Media shot and produced the single most awe-inspiring night dive video we have ever seen. The crazy nocturnal night life of the muck of Anilao is as bizarre as it is beautiful. We promise you you'll see a lot of stuff you've never seen before in your life.


#6: The world's most awesomest garden eel aquarium?

Sumida Aquarium in the Tokyo Sky Tree Town complex opened only 18 months ago but already boasts some of the world's most impressive aquatic displays. This garden eel exhibit is done on a massive scale so visitors can appreciate a big community of wormy fish ... 634 eels to be exact.

#5: Nature aquariums are truly throughtful art

The Green Machine is a UK aquarium shop specializing in planted aquariums. While we usually avoid blogging commercially-affiliated content, TGM's aquascaping work is truly spectacular and merits recognition (much like ADG's work in the United States). Case in point: Here is a comprehensive video detailing James Findley's latest nature aquarium, the "Crimson Sky Aquascape."

#4: Mindstream Aquarium Monitoring System aims to dramatically change how aquarists measure aquarium parameters

Mindstream is one of the most exciting new devices to cross our desks in a long time. This upcoming device is a total aquarium monitoring system that automatically takes measurements of multiple aquarium parameters such as pH, dKH, ammonia, NO2, NO3, Ca, Mg, salinity, oxygen, and temperature ... yeah, basically everything you'd ever test for. And it does this without test reagents or strips, and transmits data wirelessly to boot! Mindstream provides Advanced Aquarist with the first detailed look behind their monitoring system.

#3: Dream kitchen for the modern reefkeeper

Aquafront was commissioned last April to design integrated aquariums for luxury kitchen designer Poggenpohl. One of the results of this partnership is this modern kitchen reefkeepers dream of.

#2: Axolotls are real life gremlins

Axolotls are amphibians often kept by aquarists because they remain in their adorable juvenile form for their entire natural lives ... unless they come in contact with secret elixirs that can change them into little monsters. I know. It's beginning to feel like Halloween week all over again, but we assure you these topics are just a coincidence.

#1: The ultimate betta fish aquarium

This has got to rank as one of the (if not the) best betta exhibits ever. At ZooBotanica 2013 fair, a Polish zoological and botanical trade show, members of a local aquarium society presented this glorious multi-level aquatic betta terrace. DefiniteAquascapeTV captured equally incredible video of an adventurous male betta navigating (base jumping!) its way from the top terrace down to the bottom.

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