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You are here: Home Blog Watercolor paintings by artist Nate Wilson showcase the diversity of marine fish

Watercolor paintings by artist Nate Wilson showcase the diversity of marine fish

By Johnathan Carvallo - Posted Feb 07, 2012 05:30 AM
Nate Wilson is a reef aquarist from Pennsylvania who has created really amazing watercolor paintings, offering us an attractive yet affordable solution to add some reef art in our lives.

I couldn't help but notice the awesome reef fish watercolor paintings posted by fellow hobbyist Nathan Wilson at Reef2Reef (member etan714). Nate is a reef aquarist from Pennsylvania who is also an artist specializing in watercolor paintings of fish and other sea creatures. Nate describes his work as being "perfect for reef geeks, fish heads, icthyophiles, and anyone who appreciates a nice watercolor."

Pictured below are just a few examples of his fine work.


Flame Angelfish (Centropyge loriculus)


Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)


Rhinopias Scorpionfish (Rhinopias frondosa)


Blotched Anthias (Odontanthias borbonius)


Sacura speciosa


Schooling Bannerfish (Heniochus diphreutes)


Copperband Butterflyfish (Chelmon rostratus)

These beautiful works of art are a very affordable way to add a splash of marine life into your space. I decided to get a little creative with some of the greeting cards I purchased from Nate at a local frag swap; Using a few packages of the cards, an inexpensive frame and black matte background, I was able to create a diverse collage of reef fish as a centerpiece in my bedroom. These greeting cards not only look great, but they also list the common and scientific names of each fish on the back of each card.


A majority of the work that Nate creates is by special request.  To learn more about his paintings and/or purchase some art of your own, be sure to visit his online web store.

Author: Johnathan Carvallo
Location: Northeast

Johnathan is a proud marine hobbyist who spent many years working in a local fish store while managing an online coral site. He enjoys all facets of the marine aquarium industry, but especially loves the technological side and is constantly working on improving and advancing it. He currently maintains a 34 gallon nano aquarium as as well as a coral propagation system. Jon is currently an employee at EcoTech Marine, owner of the up and coming and a staff blogger here at Advanced Aquarist.


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