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Instructions to Authors of Featured Aquariums for Advanced Aquarist

By admin - Posted Jan 14, 2002 07:00 PM
Are you interested in writing about your aquarium for publication in our magazine? Here is information on what is required for an Featured Aquarium submission.

If you would like to nominate an aquarium or submit your own aquarium as an Advanced Aquarist Featured Aquarium, please contact

View previous submissions for ideas on how others have written their Featured Aquarium articles.  The  necessary elements for all Featured Aquarium articles is a description about your aquarium's livestock and equipment.  The remainder of body text is open-ended. Some ideas for your writeup may include:

  • Your aquarist experiences
  • Your aquarist philosophies
  • Your main interest(s) in the hobby (DIY, hardware tinkering, corals, rare fish, etc.)
  • Your aquarium's history and progression
  • Future plans


Please send your document as a Rich Text Form (RTF), Microsoft Word, or Open Office documents.  Please provide image files separate from document.  Our graphics editor and editor will place the images into the article.  Images should be at least 600 pixels wide (bigger images are welcomed).  Please submit at least a dozen images for publication; More images are encouraged.  Images may be submitted via mailed CD/DVD, or uploaded as a zip file (please provide us the URL where we can download your zipped image file).  Optional videos must be uploaded to youtube.

If your aquarium has been previously featured in another publication or community, please provide Advanced Aquarist the most up-to-date photos and information.  Advanced Aquarist will not publish writeups that have already been published elsewhere.

Final decisions regarding publication and publication date of submitted articles rests with the Editor in Chief.


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