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New Features for our Readers

By admin - Posted Jan 14, 2002 07:00 PM
Check out the new features we are providing with each issue.

Welcome to the website redesign of Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine.  This redesign has been long in the making -- almost 9 months!  We've built our website redesign on the Plone content management system.  Plone is an open source enterprise content management system built on the Zope application server.

The following NEW features are available for our readers:

RSS Syndication

RSS syndication are provided for both website news and our continually running Reefs in the News article.  No more subscribing to email distribution lists in order to stay up-to-date on new content that's been added to our magazine!  However, if you prefer to be notified by email instead, we do offer that service as well.  For this option, please send an email to  For more information on using RSS, please check out the RSS Syndication article.

View Photo Albums for Articles

You now hav the ability to view a complete image Photo Album for each article that has one associated with it.  This will better allow you to see all the photos from each article in its own photo album and see the full-size versions of these photos.

Related Content

Ability to obtain links to Related Articles to the one you're currently reading.  This will allow you to instantly see what other articles have been written by the same author, are part of the same article column, and even articles about similar content.  You will be able to find the information you desire much quicker.

Improved Search Engine

Plone comes with a very sophisticated search engine and every article has "metadata" assigned to it in order to help you, the reader, find the content that you need.

Ability to Search from your Browser

Ever been surfing a reefkeeper's/reefkeeping website and wondered what information might be written on a particular subject?  Now you can highlight the word you want to search for, right click on it and and select "Search for '_word_'" and you'll instantly be taken to a new webpage with your search results.  This feature requires that you use either a Mozilla or Firefox browser with the DictionarySearch extension installed.  For more information on how to install this feature, please read the Search article.

Improved Readability

The website is now an "elastic" layout with nominal line lengths of between 70 and 90 characters in length with increased line spacing, which, according to the latest research should make reading articles much easier on your eyes.  The website should be easy to read at resolutions of >=800 pixels wide, which is the industry minimum for screen resolution design.

We have also employed a dynamic text resizing feature that resizes the screen text "on the fly."  This feature is available from the top-left of the portal: 'small text', 'normal text', 'large text'.  By clicking any one of these links you can instantly change the size of the screen text.

Send This Page to a Friend

Ability to instantly send a link of the page you're reading to a friend via a simple web form.


Plone by default is compliant with the US Government's Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines.  It ships with Access Keys that allow reads to navigate their way through the website strictly by the keyboard:

ALT + B = Breadcrumbs
ALT + L = Login
ALT + N = Navigation
ALT + U = Personalbar
ALT + S = Search
ALT + T = Tabs

Windows and Linux users can navigate with accesskeys by typing ALT+Accesskey. On a Mac, use CTRL+Accesskey (not COMMAND + Accesskey). Internet Explorer users may also need to hit the "enter" key to activate a link. For more information about accesskeys check out the following article from A List Apart: Accesskeys: Unlocking Hidden Navigation.

Web Standards

By default, Plone is XHTML compliant, uses valid CSS, and is accessible by any browser.  While we strive to maintain XHTML compliancy, periodically we may not.  This is normally due to either our ad code, a stray <br> or an improperly closed <img> tag.  These things happen and if you find one, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have many more features in the works for the coming months:

Monthly Polls

Every month you will be able to vote in opinion polls within each issue.

phpBB Usernames Integration

What does this mean for you?  It means that you will be able to offer you a much more personalized reading experience.  One of the most noteable items we have in the works is the ability for you, the reader, to leave comments directly on any article you choose.

Multi-Lingual Content

Plone is fully internationalized and in the coming months we plan to start rolling out translations of articles and even complete issues.  If you or a team of yours are interested in translating an article or an entire issue into your own language, please contact us for more information.

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