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Search plugin for Mozilla Firefox for searching

By admin - Posted Jan 14, 2002 07:00 PM
This howto explains how to download and install the Advanced Aquarist Search Plugin for searching our site using Firefox's browser search box located at the top-right of your browser.

In order to make searching our site even more accessible, we have written a search engine plugin that can be used with the Mozilla Firefox browser.  What this search plugin allows you to do is to install it in your Mozilla Firefox browser and then perform searches on our website using Firefox's provided search engine box at the top-right of your web browser window.


  1. Download the search plugin
  2. Unzip the files to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins
  3. Restart your Firefox browser


  1. In the Search Engine section of your browser, click on the down arrow and select "Advanced Aquarist."  This selects the search engine.
  2. Type in your search query and hit the [Return] or [Enter] key
  3. Your search results will be displayed in your browser window
  4. Click on the article you'd like to read.  By default, your searched-for text will be highlighted in yellow wherever it occurs in the article.



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