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Search Advanced Aquarist Using Our Google Toolbar Button

By admin - Posted Jan 14, 2002 07:00 PM
This Google Toolbar button will allow you to search our site from the Google Toolbar in IE.

In order to make searching our site even more accessible, we have written a search engine button that can be used with the Internet Explorer browser and the latest Google Toolbar to search our site from within the Google Toolbar.


When installed this button will allow you to:

  • View our RSS feed directly from the drop down menu on the button.  This particular feed shows the latest published articles from our magazine.  The feed is set to update daily.
  • Search by entering your search text into the search box in the Google Toolbar and then either selecting the Advanced Aquarist search from the Google dropdown or by just clicking on our button.  You can be on any webpage when you do this and you don't even need to be on our website.
  • Search by highlighting text on any webpage you currently are reading and clicking our button on the Google Toolbar.  The button will then take you to our website and show you the results of your search. You can also right click on the highlighted text and select the Advanced Aquarist search option from the right click menu.



Click this link and a popup window will ask you if you are sure you want to install this button to your Google Toolbar.  Select 'Add' and the button will be installed.


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