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Founded in 2002, Advanced Aquarist is the first and longest running online aquarist publication. Our mission is to educate, entertain, and foster a greater appreciation of aquariums and aquatic life. Find out more about our resources.

Accessibility Information

This website has been designed with accessibility in mind.

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Advanced Aquarist Sponsors

Here are all of the companies that help make this resource possible. Support Advanced Aquarist by supporting our sponsors!

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Advanced Aquarist Staff

These are the people behind this website.

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Connect with Advanced Aquarist

Do you want to keep abreast of our latest articles, blogs, and events that we post here on a daily basis? We currently have five ways you can stay connected with our latest content: Facebook, RSS, Twitter, email subscription, and Disqus.

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Contact Information

Advanced Aquarist is interested in your feedback. Here is our contact information for article submissions/information, advertising rates, reporting a problem with this website, or general feedback and suggestions.

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Instructions to Authors of Featured Aquariums for Advanced Aquarist

Are you interested in writing about your aquarium for publication in our magazine? Here is information on what is required for an Featured Aquarium submission.

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Legal Information

By using our service you agree to these terms.

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New Features for our Readers

Check out the new features we are providing with each issue.

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Search: How to find the content you want

Advanced Aquarist offers our readers many powerful search options to find over 1,000 articles and blogs, including a Mozilla Firefox plugin, a Internet Explorer Google Toolbar button, and Off-Site searches using Firefox's DictionarySearch Extension .

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