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Search: How to find the content you want

By admin - Posted Jan 14, 2002 07:00 PM
Advanced Aquarist offers our readers many powerful search options to find over 1,000 articles and blogs, including a Mozilla Firefox plugin, a Internet Explorer Google Toolbar button, and Off-Site searches using Firefox's DictionarySearch Extension .

General Search

We provide a search box on every page of the website in order to give you access to the search function whenever you need it.  Searching for content is as simple as typing in what you are looking for and clicking the Search button.

This search will display everything within this portal that meets your search criteria.  It will return links, documents, photos, etc.

Advanced Search

Sometimes, you want to refine your search.  This is when the Advanced Search option becomes key.  The Advanced Search form link is found below the General Search box.  By clicking this link, you are taken to our Advanced Search form where you can enter specific criteria for your search query.


Search Advanced Aquarist Using Our Google Toolbar Button

This Google Toolbar button will allow you to search our site from the Google Toolbar in IE.

In order to make searching our site even more accessible, we have written a search engine button that can be used with the Internet Explorer browser and the latest Google Toolbar to search our site from within the Google Toolbar.


When installed this button will allow you to:

  • View our RSS feed directly from the drop down menu on the button.  This particular feed shows the latest published articles from our magazine.  The feed is set to update daily.
  • Search by entering your search text into the search box in the Google Toolbar and then either selecting the Advanced Aquarist search from the Google dropdown or by just clicking on our button.  You can be on any webpage when you do this and you don't even need to be on our website.
  • Search by highlighting text on any webpage you currently are reading and clicking our button on the Google Toolbar.  The button will then take you to our website and show you the results of your search. You can also right click on the highlighted text and select the Advanced Aquarist search option from the right click menu.



Click this link and a popup window will ask you if you are sure you want to install this button to your Google Toolbar.  Select 'Add' and the button will be installed.


Search plugin for Mozilla Firefox for searching

This howto explains how to download and install the Advanced Aquarist Search Plugin for searching our site using Firefox's browser search box located at the top-right of your browser.

In order to make searching our site even more accessible, we have written a search engine plugin that can be used with the Mozilla Firefox browser.  What this search plugin allows you to do is to install it in your Mozilla Firefox browser and then perform searches on our website using Firefox's provided search engine box at the top-right of your web browser window.


  1. Download the search plugin
  2. Unzip the files to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins
  3. Restart your Firefox browser


  1. In the Search Engine section of your browser, click on the down arrow and select "Advanced Aquarist."  This selects the search engine.
  2. Type in your search query and hit the [Return] or [Enter] key
  3. Your search results will be displayed in your browser window
  4. Click on the article you'd like to read.  By default, your searched-for text will be highlighted in yellow wherever it occurs in the article.


Searching Advanced Aquarist from Off-Site using Firefox's DictionarySearch Extension

This howto explains how to setup the Mozilla/Firefox browser so that you can search Advanced Aquarist from a simple click of the button when you're on a different website. This howto requires that you use either the Mozilla or Firefox web browser and install the DictionarySearch extension.

This howto will enable our members to be able to highlight a word on a webpage, right click on it, and select " search for 'word'" (or "Advanced Aquarist search for 'word') from the resulting popup box and then be presented with a search summary that keyword. This is very handy when you are surfing the web and see information you'd like to search our sites for and to be able to do it at the click of a button.


  • Latest version of Mozilla Firefox
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 10.1+, Linux


First off, you will will need to have the latest version of Firefox installed on their system. Firefox can be downloaded from Mozilla's website

After installation, install the DictionarySearch extension for Firefox.  It can be downloaded from here

NOTE: Firefox blocks software installation by default. When installing, you will need to approve the installation before you can proceed. Here is how to enable this:

  1. Click on the install link for the DictionarySearch extension. If software installs are not allowed from the source site, a yellow notification bar will appear at the top of your screen.
  2. Click on the Edit Options button at the right of the yellow notifidcation bar. The Allowed Sites dialog box will open with the source site in the Address field.
  3. Click on the Allow button and click OK to add the source site to your Allowed Sites list.
  4. Click on the install link again and follow the installation instructions.

After installation, close and restart Firefox.

Now with your Firefox browser open, select TOOLS -> EXTENSIONS from your browser menu bar. A dialog window will open up. Scroll down until you find "DictionarySearch". Click on it and then click on the "Options" button.

Another dialog box will open. This dialog box is where you will enter your Plone site search information. Find a blank Dictionary area (for this example we'll use Dictionary 1).

  • In the Text field enter: Search for "$"
  • In the Access Key field, enter a capital letter for your specific access key.
  • In the URL field enter:$.

Click the OK button and then close the Extensions box.

You're done!


Now any time you're surfing and you want to search either of our sites for a specific word, highlight the word with your mouse, right click on it, and then select " Search for 'word'" and the search will be instantly performed.

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