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Connect with Advanced Aquarist

By Leonard Ho - Posted Mar 27, 2011 12:10 AM
Do you want to keep abreast of our latest articles, blogs, and events that we post here on a daily basis? We currently have five ways you can stay connected with our latest content: Facebook, RSS, Twitter, email subscription, and Disqus.

1. Follow us on Facebook

Become a Facebook fan. "Like" us on our Facebook Page to keep up to date with articles and blogs from our website and our news feed.  We only post our best content (1-2 posts per day).

2. Subscribe to our RSS Feed

RSS is a great way to stay connected with Advanced Aquarist -- especially if you live in Google Reader like I do. Articles, blog posts, and events are all syndicated to our RSS feed and show up within within an hour of us posting new content on our website.

3. Follow us on Twitter

For our tweeters, subscribe to Advanced Aquarist's tweet at  Clients like TweetDeck make this a nice way to keep on top of all of the people you follow.

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