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Feature Article: Biological Succession and Trophic Structure in the Reef Aquarium (Part 1)

Harmony and balance. Kenneth outlines the keys to reefkeeping success by focusing on two terms that might be unfamiliar to the average hobbyist: biological succession and trophic structure.

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The Carbon Continuum: Heterotrophic Bacterioplankton and Reef Food Webs

Matter is neither created or destroyed, and carbon is no exception. Kenneth Wingerter details the important transformation of carbon in reef environments and the implications for reef keepers.

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pH: What It Is, Why It is Important, and Ways to Measure It with an Emphasis on Hanna Instruments' pH Meters

Dana Riddle helps aquarists understand pH and describes the various methods to measure pH, including a review of multiple Hanna Instrument pH meters.

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Feature Article: A Salty Thumb

What does it mean to be a good reefkeeper? Our Editor in Chief (and MASNA's 2015 Aquarist of the Year) shares the intuition he's developed over sixty years of experience. Terry then takes us to another great LFS: Bio Reef in Tampa, FL.

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Feature Article: Time-lapse photography of marine life

With the advent of smart phones, aquarium photography has changed significantly over the last few years. Today, social media and aquarium fora are filled with decent quality images of freshwater and marine life. The era of DSLR cameras has still not passed, however. Not only do these cameras provide higher quality images, they also offer the photographer plenty of additional creative options. One of these is time-lapse photography, which I will discuss in detail in the following article.

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How to Grow Corals Quicker, Part II: Combined Effects of Water Velocity and Alkalinity Concentrations

If we want to grow corals more quickly, it helps to understand the interplay of the many variables that affect corals. Dana explores the relationship between alkalinity, water flow, photosynthesis, and nutrients.

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Editorial: Excellent Retail Reef Stores: AquaCorals

In his travels, Terry highlights the excellent reef stores he encounters. Reef LFS can be found in some of the most surprising locations. The people and passion is what make a store great.

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Feature Aquarium: Tony's Reef

Two decades of commitment and a lot of modern technology has helped Tony (AKA "Reef Bloke") bring to life a captive ecosystem that brims with vibrant coral reef life.

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Product Review: Apogee Instruments' MQ-500 Quantum Meter with Notes on Why Measuring Light Intensity is Important

Dana reviews Apogee's premium MQ-500 Quantum (PAR) Meter and explains why reefkeepers should measure the light levels in their aquariums. Apogee has also introduced a new quantum meter specifically designed for underwater aquarium use.

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Comprehensive Marine Quarantine - Transfer Method II and Hyposalinity

Advanced Aquarist welcomes our newest contributor, Alex Wilson. Alex describes how to quarantine marine-fish by combining hyposalinity and the "Transfer Method II" to prevent the two most common and virulent fish diseases: Ich and flukes.

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How to Grow Corals Quicker: Effects of Various Alkalinity Concentrations on Rates of Zooxanthellae Photosynthesis

For corals to grow at their best, many chemical and physical conditions must be optimized. Dana Riddle examines the effects of varying levels of dissolved bicarbonates on coral photosynthesis and growth.

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LED Lamps from Lowe's and Home Depot: Intensities (PAR) and Spectra

Walking through big-box home improvement stores, we see an increasing selection of LED bulbs. Are any of these bulbs suitable for aquaria? Dana investigates seven LED lamps.

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Product Review: Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 and 6040 Propeller Pumps

From flow to power consumption, noise levels to heat transfer, Dana Riddle puts the Tunze Turbelle Nanostream propeller pumps through their paces in his extensive review.

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Feature Study: Corals as the ultimate vegans?

Can corals thrive on light and inorganic nutrients alone? Preliminary research suggests scleractinian corals require an external organic food source in addition to light and inorganic nutrients to maintain normal growth.

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Feature Article: The Great Hawaiian Coral Bleaching Event of 2015: The Untold Story

Dana Riddle reports about Hawaii's highly publicized 2015 mass coral bleaching event, its (unreported) recovery, and the science behind these phenomenons.

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